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Warsaw-based Law Firm PIERÓG & Partners was founded by Jerzy Pieróg, advocate, one of the pioneers of public procurement in Poland and an undisputed authority in this field.

Over the years, he has built up a team of competent lawyers capable of solving the most difficult problems and tackling the greatest challenges. As the most experienced lawyer, he oversees work on particularly important and complex cases.

On a day-to-day basis, the team has been led for almost 10 years by Joanna Presz-Król, attorney at-law and managing partner. Her extensive experience in public procurement and, at the same time, her ability to work with clients, allows the entire Law Firm to operate smoothly.

Every single move is carefully considered. We always choose the most optimal legal solutions. We choose the best, proven and trusted players to play.

Jerzy Pieróg Founder Pieróg & Partnerzy

25 years on the market


Jerzy Pieróg leaves the Public Procurement Office, where he created the appeals system, serving as director of the Appeals Team, organising the work of arbitration panels. For the first year, he provides legal services as part of a civil-law business partnership [spółka cywilna].


The following years involve individual activities within the JTP Law Firm, focusing primarily on public procurement services. It was then that such entities as Poczta Polska, TVP, Budimex SA or Elektrociepłownie Warszawskie (later Vattenfall SA, now PGNiG Termika) became the Firm's clients.


Jerzy Pieróg steps down from his position as arbitrator appointed by the President of the Public Procurement Office, which he held since 1996, adjudicating and chairing hundreds of arbitration hearings concerning the largest and most important contracts in Poland. He devotes himself entirely to the development of his law firm operating in Żoliborz on Krasińskiego Street.


The launch of the new objectives for the development of an expert legal brand and the building of a team advising clients on all aspects of public procurement now takes place in a new prestigious location in the heart of Warsaw at Three Crosses Square.


A consultancy and training contract with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) results in a significant growth for the JTP Law Firm. It covers hundreds of public and private entities from all over Poland.


JTP Law Firm relocates to its own premises at 50 Wspólna Street in Warsaw.


A period of intensive work, expansion of the team and constant broadening of knowledge, which contributes to further dynamic development of the Law Firm. During this period, as a result of careful selection, Jerzy Pieróg created a team of a dozen or so professionals, attorneys at-law, advocates and lawyers (trainees and PhD students).


The beginning of the Law Firm PIERÓG & Partners. This is also the year when the Firm celebrates its 15th anniversary.


The year 2016 was marked by another major amendment to the Public Procurement Law. The Firm, as part of the Lewiatan Confederation, participated in the opinion on the new legislation. It is also the year when the Firm, as a team, was recognised for the first time in the international ranking of lawyers and law firms by Chambers Europe.


Years of building a new team and new competences, after the upheavals of 2016. The Law Firm celebrates its 20th anniversary. During this period, it has also acquired new large clients such as the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the National Agricultural Support Centre (KOWR) and PGW Wody Polskie.


The beginning of a new era in public procurement, which was initiated by the new Public Procurement Law. It was associated with extensive training activities conducted by the Firm's lawyers. This was also the year that the Firm began to be recommended in the international ranking of The Legal 500.


Change of premises and commencement of operations at the new location at 42 Nowogrodzka Street.


The year when the Law Firm PIERÓG & Partners celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Successes and accolades

In 2023, the Law Firm was once again recommended in the Legal 500 EMEA international legal ranking in the field of public procurement in Poland. At the same time, advocate Jerzy Pieróg was again among the lawyers recommended in the Leading Individuals category. In addition to advocate Jerzy Pieróg, attorney at-law Joanna Presz-Król, attorney at-law Agnieszka Bartczak-Żuraw and attorney at-law Adrian Bura were also highlighted as advisors – leaders in public procurement practice.

The firm’s founder, advocate Jerzy Pieróg, has been ranked first (as Eminent Practitioner) in Chambers Europe’s international ranking of lawyers and law firms among lawyers working in the field of public procurement in Poland continuously since 2012. Since 2016, the ranking also honours the Firm as one of the leading law firms operating in the public procurement market, and for the past two years, the Firm’s managing partner Joanna Presz-Król has also maintained a high ranking.

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A team of over 20 experienced experts

Law firm PIERÓG & Partners is made up of an experienced, dynamic and close-knit team of attorneys at-law and advocates as well as advisors and administrative staff. Public procurement experts and advisors often go beyond the beaten track, always seeking the most effective and beneficial solutions for our clients, often solving unusual practical problems in the process.

The team’s main objective is to meet the needs of our clients efficiently and quickly, while ensuring the safety and comfort of their business.

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